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Blockchain Training

Engaging, insightful and jargon-free courses 

Blockchain for Sustainable Finance

Blockchain for Sustainable Finance

Introduction on how blockchain can help with the green recovery post COVID19.

The course focuses covers how blockchain will play a crucial role in 2021 to deliver the green new deal around the world.

The course will cover the basics of sustainable finance and green investment tools such as green bonds. It will cover the history of sustainable finance, the world-wide legislative aspects of creating green investments and who are the major players in this space at the moment.

We will also cover how technology, including blockchains, AI, and IoT will help to achieve a more transparent green market and eliminate barriers to create a thriving green economy worldwide.

The course will be delivered via a mixture of:
1. Video lectures with instructor (real time)
2. Recorded lectures that students can view at their leisure
3. Group Exercises & Reading Material
4. Feedback from instructor and Q&A in real time

The course is open to anybody interested in sustainable finance, but in particular to senior managers, asset managers, managing directors, finance directors, regulators/business analysts/global treasurer/ strategists/ anybody willing to increase their knowledge in green finance.

The course requires a minimum of twenty-four hours of work spread over the course of two weeks.

Design Secure Smart Contracts

Design Secure Smart Contracts

This course is for experienced programmers who wish to write "secure by design smart contracts" i.e. smart contracts developed by considering security features. Recent programming flows in the DeFi show the importance for developers not to rely on third party cybersecurity audits, but to develop in house skills to deliver robust and reliable software.

This online course requires a minimum of twenty-four hours of work, spread over one week. It is delivered with a mix of recorded videos, online tutorials, and practical exercises that will help programmers to gain the skills necessary to improve codebase.

Programmers will required to bring their existing code (200 lines maximum). By following the principle learned in the class, they will be required to change their code into a more robust and reliable code.

The course will focus on how to design a secure code, attacks trees, common codebase vulnerabilities, tools to detect vulnerabilities and integration of security tools into CI/CD software development practice, and security testing.

The course is available from March 2021.

 Blockchain for Women

Blockchain for Women

Hear from inspirational women in blockchain, and learn the basics with a group of like-minded women.
The course is online and requires registration.

Blockchain Masterclass

Blockchain Masterclass

This full-day executive/ senior management training course will empower management to realistically assess the risks and opportunities on blockchains/cryptocurrencies to make informed decisions about the future of their business.

At the end of the course participants should be able to:
• Understand the fundamental principles of blockchains and distinguish different variants of the technology
• Understand different applications of blockchains such as crypto currencies, smart contracts and notary applications
• Confidently communicate the impact of blockchains to colleagues
• Understand how blockchain technologies are being used today to resolve business problems
• Recognise the regulators view of blockchain
• Identify the risks and the opportunities that blockchains offer
• Map a clear strategic roadmap to leverage the benefits of this new technology for their own business.

The course is a mixed of lectures, group exercises, and group discussions.

The course is held online via Zoom and requires a minimum of 5 participants.

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