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Blockchain for Sustainable Finance

Introduction on how blockchain can help with the green recovery post COVID19.

The course focuses covers how blockchain will play a crucial role in 2021 to deliver the green new deal around the world.

The course will cover the basics of sustainable finance and green investment tools such as green bonds. It will cover the history of sustainable finance, the world-wide legislative aspects of creating green investments and who are the major players in this space at the moment.

We will also cover how technology, including blockchains, AI, and IoT will help to achieve a more transparent green market and eliminate barriers to create a thriving green economy worldwide.

The course will be delivered via a mixture of:
1. Video lectures with instructor (real time)
2. Recorded lectures that students can view at their leisure
3. Group Exercises & Reading Material
4. Feedback from instructor and Q&A in real time

The course is open to anybody interested in sustainable finance, but in particular to senior managers, asset managers, managing directors, finance directors, regulators/business analysts/global treasurer/ strategists/ anybody willing to increase their knowledge in green finance.

The course requires a minimum of twenty-four hours of work spread over the course of two weeks.

Blockchain for Sustainable Finance

18 April 2021 at 23:00:00

On Demand

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