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Design Secure Smart Contracts

This course is for experienced programmers who wish to write "secure by design smart contracts" i.e. smart contracts developed by considering security features. Recent programming flows in the DeFi show the importance for developers not to rely on third party cybersecurity audits, but to develop in house skills to deliver robust and reliable software.

This online course requires a minimum of twenty-four hours of work, spread over one week. It is delivered with a mix of recorded videos, online tutorials, and practical exercises that will help programmers to gain the skills necessary to improve codebase.

Programmers will required to bring their existing code (200 lines maximum). By following the principle learned in the class, they will be required to change their code into a more robust and reliable code.

The course will focus on how to design a secure code, attacks trees, common codebase vulnerabilities, tools to detect vulnerabilities and integration of security tools into CI/CD software development practice, and security testing.

The course is available from March 2021.

Design Secure Smart Contracts

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