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A Six-Step Strategy

for the smart companies

Assessing the Needs

People fall in love with innovative and technological soulutions. 

At Sandblocks Consulting we know that every solution has to solve a specific problem. Each organisation has unique needs.

We work closely wiith you to understand what your organisation needs to reach its goals


Determining the Solution

Solutions are born to address needs. We work with you to ensure that any solution is tailoered to your needs, and you are happy with what we propose.

 The simpler the solution the better for you.


Choosing the Technology

There are several blockchains available, and choosing the right one is critical to the success of your enterprise. 

Our team is made of full-stack developers with experience with many tehcnologies including Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, and Corda.

As and independent consultancy, we can advise on  the best technology for you.



It is time for you to see a live demonstration of key features of your solution.

This phase can be achieved quickly, as we selected to implement only the key  features. 

This agile way or working enables you to quickly and cost-effectively to make changes until you are completely satisfied that what is in front of you is the right solution for you.



We will provide guidance on how to validate each assumptions of the original with the prototype. We will perform changes on the prototype until you are satisfied that the solution you imaged is a reality.



Most of the work is done, it remains to transform the prototype into a fully working product.

Congratulations for your success.

Let's Work Together

We are agile and nimble. We deliver validated prototypes ready to scale within eight weeks.

First consultation is  free.

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